What You Ought to Know About A Hot Stone Massage

What You Ought to Know About a Hot Stone Massage

It is crucial to research the massaging style or treatment you plan to undergo. Doing this helps you prepare yourself for the spa and have a great time. Here are a few points to note about a hot stone massage.

When one talks about relaxing, a widespread term is enjoying good massage therapy. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a great massage session and relax? People seem to remain stressed and busy with their life. The tension takes a toll on the body, and at that step, what is needed is to have a massage therapy session. The professional hot stone massage is one of the popular forms of massage in Dubai and seems to give great relief to the individuals who undergo this therapy. This therapy has some fixed procedures like maintaining a particular temperature which needs to be followed by the therapist to give optimum experience to their clients.

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Know More About Hot Stone Massage

The hot stone massage is not new and has been prevalent in various regions for thousands of years, showing that people have always been trying to relax. Similar to the traditional forms of therapy, hot stone massages are preferred by many for their benefits. The stone which is used in this therapy is basalt lava stone which is a form of igneous rock. Warm water is taken, and the basalt stones are kept in it until the temperature of 105-125 degrees F is achieved. The stones are then placed on the joints and back of the individual, taking the message so that he can relax.

What To Expect

People often think that their skin would get burnt or they have to go through extreme pains when someone recommends, they go and enjoy a hot stone massage session while the cases are entirely different. The therapists make sure that the temperature of the stones used in the process has been maintained and the temperature of the stones are kept at 105-125 degree F (F stands for Fahrenheit). The individuals seem to relax at this temperature, and the skin is also not burnt. While opting for this form of massage, it is right to expect that the individual would enjoy his session and relax rather than fear getting burnt. The individual’s tolerance level varies, and a practical discussion needs to be done to ensure a safe therapy session.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

It is a common and popular therapy form that is now being used in everyday use. The benefits of this therapy are noted below

  • Anxiety gets reduced to a great extent.
  • It helps in relieving the muscles from stiffness and body pain.
  • It helps by boosting the immunity of those individuals who regularly enjoy this therapy session.
  • The individuals who are suffering from autoimmune disease also get benefitted.
  • Individuals can get better sleep after having their hot stone massage.
  • Body awareness also gets increased when one undergoes the session.

Who Should Not Do It

This type of therapy is mainly given to individuals having stress and body pain to enjoy and relax during their sessions. But this therapy is not recommended for everyone. The therapy uses high-temperature stones because it becomes unsuitable for some:

  1. Pregnant women, mostly in their first trimester, and the children are not recommended to have this therapy as it can have adverse effects.
  2. The individuals diagnosed with hypertension, kidney diseases, migraine, and heart disease are recommended not to go for the hot stone massage session.
  3. An individual who has recently undergone surgery or most likely has sensitive skin should not go for a hot massage treatment.

The above information given is a mere guideline, and one must notify the therapist about the health conditions before proceeding with the session.

Cost and Aftercare

The cost of the sessions provided to the individuals depends on the therapists and also depends on how long the session would continue. However, in general, the cost of enjoying a hot stone massage ranges from $100 to $150 for every hour of the session. Once this therapy session is completed, the individual undergoing the hot stone massages session should follow up some after massage care as directed by the therapists. It is recommended to use a lipid-rich moisturizer in the areas where hot massage has been given. Getting a professional massage Dubai helps in enjoying a pleasant sleep and a relaxing mind.

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